Friday, 3 February 2012

Top 10 Chicago Rehabilitation Centers To look For Rehabilitation Services

Here are the Top Ten Sites to consider when when you are searching for a rehabilitation services in Chicago. I have listed these sites according to their reviews from their local listing on Google,Yellow pages and Yelp.

1. Ric:

Ric Provides Services on. Cancer Rehabilitation,Pediatric Rehabilitation: Injuries and Conditions,Sports and Back-Related Injuries and Conditions,Workers Comp Rehabilitation and Stroke Rehabilitation. It was founded in 1954 by Dr. Paul B. Magnuson in a renovated warehouse on Ohio Street.Click image to visit their site                                        

2. Advanced Rehabilitation Clinic:

Committed to utilizing the most advanced treatment techniques available to deliver cost effective, personalized care, at an exceptional level of customer service, resulting in superior outcomes and lasting solutions for painful and debilitating conditions.Click image to visit their site

3. Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers:

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers is a physical therapist owned and operated rehabilitation company.They provides rehabilitation services such as Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Industrial Rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, Spine  rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation. Click image to visit their site

4. AthletiCo:

AthletiCo provides a personalized approach to physical therapy, occupational/hand therapy, work rehabilitation, and fitness services.In 1991, AthletiCo president and founder, Mark Kaufman, opened the first AthletiCo center in Chicago.As a licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, Mark opened the first center with one employee and provided services to two affiliations—Francis W. Parker High School and Chicago Lions Rugby. Click image to visit their site

5. Hcr-Manorcare:

The HCR ManorCare health care family comprises centers that are leading providers of short-term post-acute services and long-term care.Provides Services on Physical therapy,Occupational therapy,Industrial work rehabilitation,Therapy for sports-related injuries,Infrared light therapy,Vestibular rehab,Hand therapy and many more. Click image to visit their site

6. NovaCare Rehabilitation:

NovaCare provides preventative and rehabilitative services that maximize functionality and promote well-being. We develop individualized treatment plans to help achieve each patient's specific goals. Our integrated local market network allows us to effectively partner with physicians, employers, payors and case managers to achieve optimal patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner. We also provide physical therapy and athletic training services to professional sports teams, colleges, universities and high schools. Click image to visit their site

7. Flexeon Rehabilitation:

Flexeon focuses on three areas, rehabilitation services, corporate consulting & education. Flexeon clinicians are knowledgeable & highly trained, well beyond industry norms. Through our employee mentoring & extensive continuing education offerings, our clinicians learn advanced therapeutic techniques essential to our patients well being. Click image to visit their site

8. A Center For Recovery

A Center for Recovery is a multi-licensed, accredited drug and alcohol treatment facility that is internationally known and respected as a leader in the treatment of addictions and behavioral disorders.On this website you will find information on:Drug Rehab,Alcohol Treatment,Substance Abuse,Addiction Treatment,Types of Treatment Programs,Stages of Treatment,Disorders.Click image to visit their site

9. Schwab Rehab:

At Schwab, our attending physicians are psychiatrists - specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Highly skilled and deeply committed to patient care, Schwab's physicians are responsible for helping our patients achieve their highest level of function and independence. Click image to visit their site

10. Center Of balance:

Center of Balance, provider of Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, has been in operation in the Chicago-land area since the 1990's.Our staff is trained to efficiently rehabilitate a variety of conditions such as Post-Surgical Rehabilitation,Scoliosis,Neck Pain,Low Back Pain,Sciatica,Arthritis,Herniated Discs etc. Click image to visit their site

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